Problem Statement

<aside> 📌 If a user can't immediately determine if a newsletter is valuable or not to keep without having to first examine its content, there's a tendency to leave it unread until they find a suitable time to read it. At lower daily email volumes this is manageable using Gmail as it is now, but at larger volumes, this problem scales significantly. A larger influx of emails leads to more items demanding a user's attention, which then leads to more unread newsletters and lost value that could otherwise have been gained from these newsletters. Gmail currently is not designed to handle this problem.


An adequate problem statement to address these issues looks like this:

How might we create a feature within Gmail for its users to read, manage & derive value from their favorite newsletter subscriptions without having to clutter their inbox with unread emails or store them in folders where they can be easily forgotten?

Focusing solely on newsletters here are some summary insights.

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